Sheer, matte, gloss, liquid.... With the ever-growing number of products and finishes available, finding the perfect lipstick that suits your skin and occasion can be a real challenge!

A good lipstick is not just about buying a lip shade that seems appealing, it is much more than that. Lipsticks are available in a variety of textures that one should know about. What texture is right for you? Here’s a list of textures that we offer on the site. Deep dive into what they mean and if they are good for your lips.

1. Sheer Lipsticks - Add a little spark to your lipstick by giving it a sheer finish. Lipsticks with sheer finish are enriched with moisturizing oils and are a mixture of hydrating properties of a lip balm and the sheer coverage of a lip tint. It is ideal for dry, chapped lips.

PS: These require regular touch-ups as they can’t stay put for long hours.

2. Matte Lipsticks - Don’t have much time for touch-up during the day? Matte lipstick should be your ideal go-to choice. They usually are long-lasting with a velvety or powdery finish. Even after being an ideal choice, matte lipsticks can dry out your lips real quick making your cracks and chapping pretty visible. Use natural Agave Lip balm to make sure your lips are supple and soft. And also exfoliate your lips once or twice a week.

3. Liquid Lipsticks - Who doesn’t love liquid gloss? A very popular form of lipstick which is less pigmented and can give you a fresh look. Liquid wax formula contains kaolin that sets easily on your lips. The oils present in the formula make it weightless and also nourish the lips resulting in moist skin that does not crack. Kaolin clay helps absorb the moisture from the colour pigment that contains castor oil. Essentially, the clay drives out the oil and ensures that the lipstick transfers less. It is great for those who prefer matte finish.

It stays for 4-5 hours and is usually non transferable.

4. Tinted Lip balm - With the right amount of color, tinted lip balms soothe your lips making them supple and soft. It’s a sort of double agent that adapts to every situation. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients like agave extract, tinted balms treat chapped lips that are damaged by the cold or dried out from the sun.
They are also by far the easiest to apply, which makes them a powerful ally for express makeup.

If you are creative and willing to experiment, blending different lip colours and textures may help to enrich your palette. Think first of the look you want to achieve and the image you need to project, then customise your lipstick.

We at Tinge are delighted to help you customize your 100 % natural, paraben-free, sulphate-free and cruelty-free lipstick as per your own skin tone.

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