Clean Beauty - just a fuss word or a trend to stay for a better future?

The latest fad in the beauty industry seems to be a clean beauty movement. It shouldn’t be a trend, but a lifestyle change. More than anything, this pandemic has taught us to take care of our mental health, physical health, skin, and invest in ourselves. No longer do we indulge in beauty routines for the sake of others. It’s more of us.

What is clean beauty?

‘Clean Beauty’ means different things to different brands and people. It is usually a blanket term used to describe products that are non-toxic, made of natural ingredients, is sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and a lot more. Let’s define clean beauty under certain criterias:

Non-Toxic Ingredients - The brand or product must have ingredients that are safe for human health. All ingredients must have scientific evidence supporting their safety. The brand or product must have a clear and transparent ingredients list. Some brands make this information difficult to find because they don’t want consumers to realize the truth.

Sustainable - For us, sustainability is as important as using natural ingredients. At Tinge, we are conscious of any waste produced in the making of the product and use only eco-friendly packaging. But this is not enough. We are conscious of the fact that used lipstick containers land up in the garbage and contribute to the landfills. The Tinge Refill Policy has been part of the business for a long time. This is just a reminder to let you know how the programme works.

The re-fill programme is applicable for tinge lipstick containers. In fact, when you get an order, look out for a ‘RETURN FOR REFILLS’ call out on the package.
Return containers to get 15% off your next purchase.* *If your product package has ‘RETURN FOR REFILLS’ written on it, return the empty container to get 15% off your purchase of the same item. Please note, shipping costs need to be borne by you. But hey - that’s a small price to pay for sustainability! We will wash, sanitize, refill, and return your repeat purchase.

Cruelty-free - If you care about animal welfare, switch to products that are not tested on animals or have any animal raw material in it. It means that the product itself hasn't been tested on animals, and that any raw materials used in making it weren't tested on animals, either.

Tinge is India's first handmade cosmetic brand.

Each Tinge product is handcrafted by seasoned make-up artists, who understand and honour the style, spirit, & sensibility of each individual consumer and what they need. The makeup that you buy is not mass produced, but is carefully created by someone who understands what you need. The base wax, colours, aromas, glitter are chosen as per your order and you even get to name your own lipstick.

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