About Us

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.

Starting from our auras, colours are deeply personal and rooted in our individual experiences and culture.

And with just a Tinge, you can now wear your personality and your mood and, unabashedly be you!

Tinge is the country’s first ever experiential brand with a range of bespoke cosmetics.

Conceived by Sabrina Suhail, the art of blending different colours to create one just perfect for you, Tinge gives you meticulously crafted bespoke and unique products.

Now, every conceivable shade with a texture and aroma of choice can be created to produce an exclusive and exceptional product for you. Each product is a result of an extensive personalised process that factors in natural skin, lip and eye colour, skin undertone and personality.

After a personal consultation with the Tinge team, each lipstick is designed with precision according to your specific needs. Once colour, texture, and aroma preferences have been identified, the bespoke lipstick is created right in front of you.

Not just lipsticks, Tinge also offers a range of lip balms, masks, eye shadows, foundations, concealers, and beauty products. Uber compassionate about animals, Tinge is conscious about the range of their products being cruelty free, vegan, and natural.

So go ahead – enjoy some gorgeous make-up essentials guilt-free!

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