When it comes to highly purifying and gentle cleansers, there are some incredibly effective natural resources that offer significant benefits over more common, chemically-enhanced products. Kaolin clay is an all-natural ingredient that enhances a clean beauty, toxin-free, vegan skincare regimen and is also excellent for all skin types when used as a cleanser, exfoliator, blemish treatment, and more.

What is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin clay, also referred to as white clay or China clay, is primarily made up of the mineral kaolinite. The name ‘kaolin’ derives from the ‘Gaoling’, a Chinese village located in the southeast province of Jiangxi. The mineral in its purest form is white in color. It is a natural clay that is used in skincare and cosmetic formulations to help draw out excess oil from the skin and to gently exfoliate. It is also used to help bulk out products, act as a mild preservative, and improve the longevity of powdered cosmetics.

Benefits of Kaolin Clay in Cosmetics :

Kaolin clay has excellent coverage, absorption and adhesion properties and makes it a great ingredient for products like foundation, liquid lipsticks, face packs and much more.

It is perfect as an opaque white base of colors and its fine texture allows any natural makeup to easily slide and apply on the skin. This features allows the ingredient to finish a flawless effect in effectively hiding imperfections and fine lines even at medium coverage.

One thing that is known among kaolin clays, white or pink, is that they bring in significant skin care benefits. One great property of kaolin clays is that it provides effective sun protection. Also, it does not draw oil making the skin soft and supple. Its oil control properties allow the makeup to stay on longer in any weather condition. In some products, the ingredient allows some mineral makeup to feature water and transfer resistant features.

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