Amongst all the challenges that women face to find the right make up for themselves, matching to the correct skin tone is the most prevalent. The Indian skin tone has varied shades and ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work for everyone. Tinge is the first make-up brand in India to bring customization of colours to handmade lipsticks. It is the best way to get personalised colours for your skin tone. How does this work? Find out.

At the Tinge store in Bangalore, we can get you handcrafted and fully customized lip colours. You can walk in and meet our colour specialists to see the process firsthand. Your one-hour appointment includes discussion time with a colorist, who can suggest which colours would look best on you and then get to the making part.

Step 1 – The most exciting part of making a customized lipstick is the colour. Your very first step will be to discuss the colour need with our specialist, and mix different shades to achieve the exact colour that you want as per your skin tone. The liquid pigments are handmade at our studio with natural mica. A tinge of pure mica is added without any oil. The ingredients are hand-crushed and mixed well. We do not use any artificial colour or preservative.

Step 2 – The next step is to choose the base of your lipstick. We do not use any animal-based products as Tinge is cruelty-free and 100% vegan. So, you will not find any bee’s wax products with us. Instead, it will be minerals, plant-based waxes and natural butters. We will be able to choose from a range of bases to suit your lip type. We use extremely high-end and pure organic products so can be rest assured that these will be natural, paraben-free and good for your lips. It just simply rolls onto your lips and keeps them hydrated. This is extremely important for the weather in India.

Step 3 – Next comes the stage of adding aroma. We find this extremely integral to a lipstick experience. To wear something that smells great is just as exciting as getting your colour right. Pick a lipstick aroma from a selection of natural oils like mandarin berry, pineapple lily and strawberry and finally give their unique lipstick a name. The essence is added and mixed well.

Step 4 – The entire lipstick mixture is melted and put into a mould. Depending on the wax that you have used, it takes upto 3-5 minutes for the lipstick to settle. And then comes the best part – the look on the customer’s face when the lipstick is pulled out of the mould.

Step 5 – Wait, it’s not over! How about naming your own lipstick? Yes, that’s the last step of this very exciting process. You not only get to make your own colour and choose the base and aroma, but you get to name your lipstick too!
The best part is that we are a very conscious brand and encourage customers to recycle the lipstick tube. Once you’re done, you can come back to the store with your lipstick tube and we will clean, sanitize and re-fill it for you! And you also get a discount for being a conscious customer. It’s our little effort for the world.

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