For decades eyeliners and eye pencils have straddled the chemical cosmetic journey with makeup wearers. No doubt that a nice dark eye pencil which gives definition to the eyes can amplify the look, but it’s time you stopped and saw the long-term effects of non-natural make up, and that too on the eyes. Artificial colours, lead, nano particles and preservatives in makeup have severe long-term effects on your skin. This includes cancer, endocrine issues and weight gain, along with several skin related issues. It is imperative that you know exactly what goes in your eye makeup to stay clear of any long-term issues.

Eye pencils tend to have artificial colours, lead and nano particles that your skin absorbs over long usage. The colours can be made of coal tar and various petroleum derived chemicals. These can have traces of heavy metal in them which are certainly lethal for the human skin with prolonged use. Apart from degradation of overall health, irritability, watery eyes, clogging of pores and breakouts on the skin are some of the side effects. Some of the artificial products also have lead in them, which has extremely adverse effect on the skin. Nano particles on the other hand are known to damage the skin on a cellular level.

How does one prevent this? Simply make a choice to use all-natural makeup only. You’ll be doing a huge favour to your overall health.

Tinge has recently launched organic eye pencils with only all-natural ingredients for your safety. In fact, all our products are without any harmful preservatives or chemicals. They are also cruelty-free and vegan.

Tinge eye pencils are created with the help of safe ingredients only. Organic castor seed oil, organic Candedila wax, mica, Organic Soy bean butter and Vit E Tocophero are used to make these eye pencils. Even the mica used is in its purest form which is not harmful. In fact, the oils in the eye pencil are actually good for your skin. On top of this, the pencils are ophthalmologically (for the eyes) and dermatologically (for the skin) tested by an independent lab before getting an approval. These pencils are long lasting and have high-pigmentation, which means that they are darker on the eyes and give a more defined look. There is a smooth retractable functionality and a sharpener at the back for ease of use.

The five reasons why you should pick these pencils over other chemical filled ones are:

  1. Only natural ingredients are used.
  2. High-pigmentation allows for better definition.
  3. All the butters and waxes used in the pencil are certified organic and cruelty-free, so there is no irritation even with daily use.
  4. The pencils have a creamy feel for smoother application.
  5. There are no side effects, so no tears or irritation.

The only thing you need to know is that since the formulation is all-organic, the pencil is not entirely smudge-free. There are no chemicals holding it together and the natural smudgy look can actually look terrific on you.

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