“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” – Coco Chanel

We cannot agree more! Even IF you have perfected the chic smokey eyed look or the art of getting your base right, the glam is just missing without the lip tint. Be it a work call or a casual brunch or a saturday night, lipsticks complete the occasion! Over the time, there have been abundant ranges to choose from - liquid mattes to shiny gloss sticks to no-makeup nude hues or just tinted lip balms.

In such a world enters our bestseller product (you will know why), THE TRIO!

Titled ‘Hear My Voice’ is a set of three liquid matte lipsticks namely - Trumpet Vine, Aprijita, and Kinky. If you think the names sound quirky, you need to look at the shades now!! Surely, classics are as hot and outgoing as they get The Trio is a set of these uniquely trendy, pouty and bold lip colors.

What makes it extra awesome is that the matte lipsticks are completely vegan and cruelty-free (like all of our other stuff). So if you’re a person who didn’t stick by makeup because of the cruelty it would put our furry friends through, voilaaa! Just pick and drop them in your kit, guilt-free! The lipsticks are also completely natural and paraben-free.

On application, the lip base goes on as a thin layer and dries to a very fine matte finish while keeping the lips comfortably moisturised and nourished. You can of course darken it to your choice of bold simply by recoating it after the first layer dries. Don’t worry, this will just be a one time process as the lipsticks stay upto twelve hours in a go.

Has it ever happened to you that you’re just too lazy to refill your supplies for the longest time until you realize that your cheek blush powder is over? Or maybe you just happened to forget your eye-shadow palette? No worries! Another super-duper feature of the liquid matte lipsticks is that they can be used for the eyes and cheeks as well. Yes we know, it just gets better and better, right? So while a red matte will always be a fallback..these groovy colours of the liquid matte lipsticks are on fleek and deserve the limelight.

Although the journey of lipsticks has been a long,long one - from berries to such advanced formulations today, one thing that remains unchanged is their ability to color us happy!

If you’re interested in starting your guilt-free makeup journey, do have a look at our shop. Whether it’s organic foundation for oily skin or a moisturizing lip balm for dry lips, telling eye pencil shades or maybe a combo box of some really cool organic, vegan and cruelty-free makeup, we have got you covered. Cheers!

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