Tinge came about with a need to fulfill the big lacuna that big cosmetic brands have left in India, on not having the right and diverse shades for the Indian skin tone. The Indian skin can vary a large degree. The choice of colours for the browner skin-tone can be tricky leaving the consumer wanting for more. Also, it was time to introduce a truly natural, vegan, cruelty-free product so consumers could make a mindful choice.


This is the biggest USP of Tinge. Out studio in Bangalore allows make-up consumers to get an appointment with senior make-up artists and coloursists, and create a unique colour lipsticks for their skin tone. Yes, any colour! This process takes about an hour, where the colour is chosen created on an option of bases, with aromas and also named as per the client. This is a first in India for any make-up brand and we are delighted to see the happy customers leaving with their unique and personalised lip shades. We are soon going to bring this to a wider audience so the studio will not be an only option.


The lipsticks, foundation, lip balm and lip scrub are created at the store itself. We also have a brand-new range of eye pencils that will soon hit the website. Keep a look out. Each product is created with thought and care, using just the right natural ingredients to offer the customers hydrating, great-smelling and spectacular colours to brighten up their day. Tinge is one of the few handmade cosmetics brands in India.


Going natural is a much talked about virtue for make-up users. And why not? The results are for one to see. The long-term ill effects of toxic ingredients in your make-up can be debilitating for the skin. Going natural means that each ingredient that goes into the product is gentle on the skin and works for it. We are extremely careful about where and whom we source from, and ensure that the purest form of ingredients make it to the list. Customers who have been using the Tinge products even for a short time can tell the difference.


Extremely passionate about animal welfare for a long time, there was not going to be any chance that we would create cosmetics that either used animal derivates in the products or were tested on them. All our products are free from any animal slant on the product. We often get asked about beeswax which is used in lipsticks. Tinge products DO NOT use beeswax at all.


At Tinge, we are extremely mindful of our footprint on earth. From sourcing right, to creating products with minimal waste, keeping away from excessive packaging and ensuring that customers can re-fill their lipstick containers are some of the ways to help be gentler on earth. This is how our re-fill programme works. If a product package has ‘RETURN FOR REFILLS’ written on it, customers can return the empty container to get 15% off your purchase of the same item at the store, since they will have to bring back the container. Of course, if online customers have a container to send back, shipping costs need to be borne by them. But hey - that’s a small price to pay for sustainability! We will wash, sanitize, refill, and return your repeat purchase.

The love for animals, offering authentic and toxin-free make up, which is kinder to the earth are the reasons why we get up in the morning! And of course, making our consumers look confident and great.

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