Raising The Colour Bar

BENGALURU : Fuchsia, magenta, hot pink... All of these are shades of pink yet each is very different. And it’s not the easiest thing to figure which shade suits your skin tone. Making it easier is city-based 
makeup artist Sabrina Suhail who, through her website (tingestore.com) helps you customise lipsticks according to your preference of shade and texture.

You start by choosing your colour according to the option of skin tones on a face.
After doing that, you can go to the colour wheel and choose any colour. As you move the cursor on different shades, the colour on the lips change alongside, so one can see how it’s looking on the skin tone of the user,” explains Suhail, adding that once decided, the user can start choosing texture from six different option, and add glitter from eight choices. 

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