Bengaluru-based makeup artist Sabrina Suhail realised that when she was applying makeup on someone, she was not really using one product per se, but a mix of several kinds to create that perfect look. “If I applied foundation, I would mix two shades to suit someone’s complexion; the same principles applied for lipsticks and eyeshadows,” she says. “I wondered if I could make a product that my clients want.That way, my client can have control over what she wants” So she created a bespoke line of lipsticks (liquid, liquid matte and matte), lip glosses and balms (with plans to make concealers, blushes and foundations). Launched last week, the eponymous label offers you a choice of colour, texture and aroma to create a one-of-a-kind lip colour. The makeup artist joins a small army of bespoke lipstick manufacturers, including Canadian company Bite, Australia’s The Lip Lab, and Chennai’s The Custom Lab.

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