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  • Self-Starter: How Sabrina Suhail Built Her Vegan Beauty Brand, Tinge! An idea conceived by boss woman Sabrina Suhail, Tinge is India’s first-ever beauty experiential brand with a range of bespoke cosmetics. It reflects the art of blending different colours to create one that’s just

  • In conversation : COLOUR WASH Ukti Everyday and Tinge tie up for a collection celebrating vibrant hues MAKE-UP OBSESSIVES are no strangers to beauty and fashion collaborations. There have been a number of them in the past, some of the most

  • Lounge Loves: Lip service Bengaluru-based make-up artist Sabrina Suhail, creates bespoke lipsticks for women who are still looking for that 'soulmate shade' or want to recreate a beloved colour. Most women, by the time they’re 30, know which lip colours speak

  • Bespoke lipsticks: How we customised our own lipstick with Sabrina Suhail DIY beauty is the new buzzword because when you decide to personalise ideas and products according to your requirements, it gets that much more exciting and effective. So when we

  • On Trend - Amp up your eyes with foil shadow Foil eye shadow is making waves in the fashion circuit, what with Eva Longoria sporting gold foil eyes to complement her gold-and-white ensemble on the Cannes red carpet this year. The

  • Lips unsealed — Sabrina Suhail’s bespoke lipstick Bengaluru-based makeup artist Sabrina Suhail realised that when she was applying makeup on someone, she was not really using one product per se, but a mix of several kinds to create that perfect look.

  • On Demand: 4 Brands On Bespoke Beauty Solutions Finding a foundation shade from the existing range that perfectly matches your skin tone can be quite an uphill task! This Bengaluru-based vegan brand not only provides cruelty-free makeup products but goes a

  • These two new Indian beauty brands were created by makeup artists to meet the moment in 2020 Can't shop in stores? There's a customisable beauty brand for that. Afraid that your makeup may not be as sanitised as your hands are?

  • Not just lip service: on make-up brand Tinge by Sabrina Suhail Sabrina Suhail on creating a homegrown and toxic-free make-up brand suited for Indian skin If Covid-19 has changed one thing in our perception, it is that everything we consume — from

  • #ExpertSpeak: Busting Myths About Chemical Free Products Chemical Free—two words that are used with profusion but also with abandon. This can be extremely misleading in the makeup and skin-care industry. It is one of the inauthentic marketing tactics that can be used

  • Busting Myths About 'Chemical-Free' Beauty Products Let's hear it from an expert The words ‘chemical free’ are not hard to evade in the slew of natural, organic and earth-friendly make-up and skincare brands that are on the shelves these days. The last

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