You’ve probably heard a lot about Agave and it’s multiple benefits lately.

Agave is largely consumed in its edible syrup form. But brands in skincare and cosmetic industries are incorporating agave nectar or extract into their products. Agave nectar is extracted from agave, a type of succulent plant with sharp and protruding leaves that is best known for its skin soothing properties when used topically. It is known for its healing properties when applied topically.

Other benefits of Agave are that it is better than sugar, it’s good for dieters, and it’s the low-key beauty secret of your dreams.

Benefits of Agave are -

  1. Agave is an effective antiseptic - Leaf of agave plant is known for its antiseptic properties. It is usually used to heal wounds and burns. It also prevents infections.
  2. Agave is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. The juice and sap of the Agave plant can be applied to wounds as an anti-inflammatory, and the active agents in the juice can also have pain-relieving properties, which makes treating wounds with this plant-based medicine a two-fold win.
  3. It helps to keep skin soft and supple - With so many healing properties, agave helps to help skin soft and supple. Many companies use agave in cosmetics. Agave lip balm helps to keep lips moisturised and hydrated. Agave syrup is dense and thick, so it promotes moisture retention, and it’s especially good for soft, sensitive skin like your lips.
  4. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, D, K and provitamin A.
  5. Provides effective soothing and calming properties
  6. Often used in hair care products for additional conditioning and softening effect

At Tinge, we make sure to use ingredients that are 100% organic, have healing properties, are sourced ethically, and are sustainable. Go ahead and enjoy some organic, guilt-free cosmetics without any compromise.

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