There is such a profusion of make-up and personal care products in the Indian market, that can be quite overwhelming for the consumer. There are so many things to consider – suitability to skin type and colour, price range, availability and access (especially in lock down times), and more. Thankfully, many of the brands and consumers are making more earth-friendly decisions now and choosing brands that have a firm opinion and action towards creating products that are responsible.

At Tinge, we use only 100% natural ingredients, no product is tested or derived from animals, we are conscious of any waste produced in the making of the product and use only eco-friendly packaging. But this is not enough. We are conscious of the fact that used lipstick containers land up in the garbage and contribute to the landfills. It may be a tiny piece of garbage, but small efforts will eventually make all the difference. The Tinge Re-fill Policy has been part of the business for a long time. This is just a reminder to let you know how the programme works.

The re-fill programme is applicable for tinge lipstick containers. In fact, when you get an order, look out for a ‘RETURN FOR REFILLS’ call out on the package.

The re-fill programme works for your next purchase, as we wouldn’t want to hand over a used container to a different buyer.

If you’re done with a lipstick and want it re-filled, you need to courier the empty container back to us on our studio address. Unfortunately, the shipping cost needs to be borne by the consumer – we assume it’s a small price to pay for choosing to be a conscious consumer.

The container gets cleaned, sanitized and ready to be filled with your re-order or new purchase.

For lending a hand towards decreasing the footprint on earth, we offer you a Discount of 15% on your purchase.

We’ve noticed that a lot of buyers love this policy. If they crack their go-to shade from Tinge and use it regularly, containers come back to us as a pattern and the cycle continues for a long time. While re-fill policy for make-up brands may not be the end solution to create a sustainable brand, but it is certainly a move towards doing the right thing.

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