At Tinge, we are strong believers of less is more. Your makeup helps to define and enhance your personal persona. It could be a simple dab of colour on the lips, only a nice definition to the eyes, or a full routine of skincare coupled with foundation, eye, cheek and lip colours. Makeup should be easy, on-the-go and something that you can whip out to look better at any time of the day. Here are some of our tips on five pieces of makeup that you can have in your bag, to get yourself ready for any time or occasion of the day.

  • Foundation – The reason we make our foundations so easy to use, is because it should not be something that you need a lot of time to put. You can use our powdered foundation matching your skin tone in several ways -as a beauty balm, liquid foundation by adding a drop of moisturizer to it, as a setting powder and to build coverage. It’s so easy to use that the one box goes a long way and can be used in different moments of the day. The foundation also has SPF so it protects you from the sun.
  • Lip Balm – Chapped lips are the biggest turn off and problem for everyone. Different weather conditions leave your lips dry and de-hydrated. The first thing in the beauty kit should be a simple lip balm that works for you. The Tinge lip balm is loaded with goodness of Agave, which penetrates the skin quickly and repairs broken and chapped lips. These come in a natural colour and two more, so it can also give you a little lift on the lips.
  • Lipstick – Choose from a liquid matte or wax lipstick from the Tinge range to give you a buildable option for through the day. Once you’ve identified your favourite colour, keep it handy to wear it lightly on the lips or build on it to make it darker. Not only are the lipsticks hydrating, they can amp up the face immediately. These lipsticks can be used on the cheeks and eyelids too, if you want to add more to your face.
  • Eye Pencil – The all-natural eye pencil in 5 colours means that you can have plenty of options. Carry your favourite in the bag for well-defined eyes. These are long lasting and have a sharpener at the back for ease.
  • Multi-use Stick – The Tinge mantra ‘do more with less’, comes truly alive with this product. The multi-use shade stick (comes in 4 colours) can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Safe, all-natural and cruelty-free, these sticks are the handiest in your bag. In fact, you can let go of a lipstick to accommodate this. It is not only nourishing but can be used for sensitive eyes and skin. All the butters and waxes used in the pencil are certified organic and cruelty-free, so there is no irritation or teary eyes or itching even with daily use.

So, these are our favourites for a small beauty kit in your bag. Choose all-natural makeup to protect your skin from long term effects.

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