Reading a label on your makeup is essential so you know what’s going on your skin. While we use all-natural ingredients without the use of any chemicals, artificial colourants and fragrances, as a consumer, it is imperative to know what each one does for you. We took one of our best-selling organic liquid matte lipstick to give you a low down on all the ingredients it has. You’ll see what goes behind making a single lipstick. Each formulation is special and all these ingredients are added in proportions to make the lipstick smooth for application, binding, to enhance the colour and keep it long-lasting.

Kaolin - Kaolin is used as a cleanser and to exfoliate the skin in cosmetics. It also has featured in it that help in absorbency, texture, and adding weight to the lipsticks.

Isododecane - Isododecane is used to increase the ease of spread in lipsticks. It gives a sense of weightlessness on the skin which is essential when you wear makeup all day. The ingredient also helps in preventing evaporation of water from skin, keeping them hydrated.

Disterdimonium Hectorite - Disteardimonium Hectorite is a naturally occurring clay mineral hectorite, which is used as a thickening agent for lipsticks. That’s how you get the build on a lipstick.

Polymethylsilsesquioxane - Polymethylsilsesquioxane has the function of a film-forming agent on the skin. It creates an invisible film on the surface of skin, which in turn gives a lubricating, smooth, silky feel and no greasiness or stickiness. It still allows oxygen, nitrogen, and other important nutrients to pass through, but blocks water from evaporating.

Trimethylsiloxy Silicate – What makes your lipstick last longer? It’s this. Trimethylsiloxy Silicate is responsible for long-lasting and waterproof lipsticks by forming a film.

Tapioca Starch – Tapioca starch works as a natural thickener and texture enhancer. It is derived from the roots of the Manihot esculenta (Cassava) shrub and contains thickening properties for a good build.

Synthetic Wax – This wax helps to ensure that your lipstick does not become brittle. It is essentially an agent that holds all the other ingredients together.

Silica - Silica is a natural agent found in sand and is added in lipstick formulation to make the mixture opaque. It is not known to have a colour of its own.

Propylene Carbonate - The primary function of this ingredient is that of a solvent. It is typically used in very less concentration as a skin cleansing product.

Octyldodcanol – This is often used as a texture enhancer to offer lubrication in lipsticks.

Titanium Dioxide – This is a mined mineral, which is famous for its natural SPF factor. SPF is equally important in lipsticks as it is in products for the skin.

Trihydroxy Stearin - This is used as a skin conditioning agent, solvent and one that gives a lipstick some viscosity or thickening.

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